Square Enix’s successful Battle Arena outing, now in its third incarnation, takes full advantage of the games world’s popularity shift in to online multiplayer experiences and the excitement of eSports. 
This 3v3 team based brawler featuring a unique combat system and characters from the past 30 years of the historic FINAL FANTASY series needed fully demonstrating to fans of the series and also players new to the series. 
We produced a suite of videos touching on all of this, from an introduction to the game mechanics to a full character roster trailer as well as a Beta promo that saw almost a quarter of a million players sign up on the first weekend.
As 2019 rolled in, the game was made available on Steam and PS4... for free! And we were asked to update the original Launch Trailer to explain exactly that!
Launch Trailer 2019 Update:
Character Trailer:
Open Beta Trailer:
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